Established as the Exclusive Distributor of Electrofilm Inc. U.S.A.
Concluded the Distibutor agreement with E/M Lubricants Inc. U.S.A.
E/M Lubricants Inc. absorbed and combined Elestrofilm Inc., and set the company name as E/M Corporation.
E/M Corporation bought out Kai-Gard Coating & Manufactring Corporation and made rapid extenion of market share, as synthetic surface treatment and Solid Film Lubricants maker.
E/M Corporation entry the specialty Materials division of Morgan Crucible Company plc., (UK) and become a Morgan groupe company.
E/M a subsidiary of The Morgan Clusible Company plc., has acquired Diamonex Inc.
E/M has built a new 32,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, processing facility in Evesham, Worcestershire, England.
The Morgan Curcible Co. plc sells six Everlube Products Coating Application Facilities to the Metal Improvement Company, a wholly ownwed subsiduary of the Curtis-Wright Corp.
Curtis-Wright Corp. today (Apr. 2. 04) announced the acquisiton of selected assets of the Everlube Products Div. of Morgan Advanced Ceramics Inc. (Everlube® Products) for APPROX $6,4 Millon. Everlube Products will operate as part of Metal Treatment segment of Curtis-Wright Corp. [Form; News Release of Curtis-Wright Corp.]
Everlube® Products Division contributes as one of manufactruing divisions of Metal Improvement Company, the subsidiary of Curtis-Wright Corp.